Yahoo Answers Manager Suite At A Price Of Just $2495pm

YAM takes away the hassle of your marketing efforts on Yahoo Answers & allows you to manage all of your accounts, campaigns & answers in one easy to use package which will record your data, monitor your answers & even allow you to schedule & automate certain areas of your marketing & account / answer management.

YAM has the ability to post questions, send answers to your own questions, respond to others answers, up/down-vote answers, update your Yahoo account profiles & schedule processes using multiple threads.


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This Program has Exclusive Features

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly

    Our program is set out so that you can get started with YAM in just a few minutes. This program has a full user guide & also comes with free support.

  • In The Box

    In The Box

    No expensive addons or limitations are included in this software. This program will run straight from your Windows machine.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    With the ease of use, speed & additional tools of this program you will save yourself countless hours and $$$ on your marketing campaigns.

  • Additional Tools

    Additional Tools

    On top of the standard features YAM also has proxy support, process log reporting, integrated spinner support for multiple services & many more custom features.

Check Out The Custom Features Included In Our Software

  • Question Poster Included
    Own Question Responder Included
    Answer Poster Included
    Answer Voter Included
    Answer Logging Included
    Account Stats Checker Included
    Account Profile Updater Included
    Multiple Account Support Included
    Multi-Threading Support Included
  • Accounts Manager Included
    Campaign Manager Included
    Answers Manager Included
    Spintax Support Included
    Scheduling Capability Included
    Answer ID Lookup Tool Included
    HMA Pro Support Included
    HTTP Proxy Support Included
    Automatic Responder Included

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About Us

Yahoo Answers Manager has been designed & created by

We have been creating scrapers, bots & automation tools for over 6 years so you can expect the highest quality of tools from any of our websites.

We have other software & applications available today that have been updated & supported for over 6 years so you can be assured that this program will not 'die' or become unsupported should updates need to be made.

We also offer custom work on PHP scripts & desktop application design in VB.NET. Should you require a custom program, whether it be for private or commercial use please send us a message & we will get back to you with a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does this software cost?

A: This software costs $24.95 per month. This monthly fee enables us to provide free support & kep YAM updated as per any changes made on Yahoo Answers.

Q: How many PC's can I use this software with?

A: Each license allows for use on up to 2 PC's at a time.

Q: How many Yahoo accounts can I use with this software?

A: YAM allows for unlimited account & campaign usage.

Q: What are the PC requirements to use this software?

A: YAM can be run on a Windows XP or later machine with at least 2GB of RAM & .NET Framework 4 or later installed.

A: YAM can also be used by Mac users only when running in a virtual windows machine, a Windows VPS or software such as Parallels.

Q: Which Yahoo Answers sites does YAM work with?

A: YAM can be used on any Yahoo Answers site worldwide.

Q: Where can I download the user guide?

A: Click here to download the YAM user guide.

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Answer Logging Included Not Included Not Included
Spinner Service Support Included Included Not Included
Money Back Guarantee Included Not Included Not Included
Uses Sockets Included Included Not Included
Multi-Threading Support Included Included Not Included
Account Profile Updater Included Not Included Not Included
Answer Stats Checker Included Not Included Not Included

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